Poem: Little Black Cat


Little black cat
Came in from the night
Just before a storm
Hidden from light
Small, black and soft
He entered and purred
Never a meow
Never a word
He lounged all around
Made himself at home
Gave me some company
When I sat here alone
He pranced and explored
Slept on the chair
Kindly, he cuddled
As I stroked his soft hair
From where he came from
I do not know
But happy, was he
As he did not want to go
Sit in the window
Look at the street
Curling and crawling
Prancing at my feet
He could not stay here
Though I wish he could
So I found him a new home
That would treat him good
Though he is not far
From this place he stayed
Only upstairs
His new home has been made
Just a little black cat
Just a little while
Now he is gone
And so is my smile

©2013 James Takeo

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