Poem: The Storm That Never Comes


Though the skies may darken
Dark clouds come rolling in
I do not fear the coming storm
I have no fear within
Rumble like sheet metal
Echoes across the clouds
Thunder in the distance
Grows larger and grows loud
Flash way in the distance
Reflected in the gray
Clouds race across the horizon
As it becomes end of day
Brief flash that comes closer cracking
And knifes brightly jagged line
Cuts into the evening sky
As daylight ceases to shine
The streets grow quiet and empty
Traffic does not pass
All have run away, wary
As the wind blows through the grass
Not one bird is now heard
The lone cicada sings
High off in a treetop
With a song beneath its wings
The storm now slowly passes
It does not rain one drop
Warnings are now over
The thundering now stops
Back into a darkness
From which the storm came from
Now there is no reminder
Of the storm that never comes

©2013 James Takeo

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