Poem: Something That I Can’t Hide

As a gentle breeze wafts down the street,
My heart palpitates with strong beat,
How long it has been since I seen you last,
Brings back fond memories of the past.
In this quiet and tiny place,
Where minds will wander, yet never race,
Forget the hurt that we have been,
To sit here alone just once again.
The world is gone from beyond these walls,
For a little while, the time now stalls,
Our minds at rest and close once more,
I have waited all this long time for.
We both may change, but never do,
I am still me, and you are you.
I’ll never leave to not return,
For deep inside do I still yearn,
For what was good in all we had,
And now bring to end all that was bad.
Once again, I’m here beside,
My heart is something that I can’t hide.

© 2013 James Takeo

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