Poem: Drunken Summer Night


Reeling and rolling
Down Rose City streets
Stumbling in the night-time
Tripping on their feet
Voices call out loudly
At the passing cars
Emptying the houses
And the sweaty bars
Merriment and swearing
Voices raised to shout
Perspiring out the alcohol
That they are now without
Quiet streets not empty
Down sidewalks do they roam
Trip over cracks in concrete
Their radar set for home
Far off in the distance
Do they yell and boast
Of who is the toughest
Of who knows the most
Passing police cruiser
Barely notice what transpires
Quickly round the corner
With squeal of hot tires
Air is thick and humid
Even in these nights
Revellers are gone now
From beneath the dim streetlights

©2013 James Takeo

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