The Black Lantern Experience: The Big Night

On Saturday, July 13th, something different happened in Welland.

A group of local artists had a little art show on West Main Street in Welland, in a venue that allowed them to be free of censorship.


Photo by T. Lee Kindy

After a few articles in local newspapers, as well as through social media, a little buzz was created in the community, and it was hoped that a few people would attend.


About 40 people attended the art show, and music was supplied by local DJ K-Flip, spinning some groovy tunes to add to the experience.

The artwork exhibited by T. Lee KindyChris LagestenMichael SwordsDomenico Agostino, Shane Horwat, and Dave Bags was well-received by people in attendance. Beginning at 8 pm and running into the night, a good time was had by all. Various styles and subjects were exhibited, from the playful and graphic, to the dark and creepy.


From left to right: Shane Horwat, Dave Bags, Chris Lagesten, James Takeo, T. Lee Kindy, Michael Swords, Domenico Agostino
Photo by T. Lee Kindy

Currently, plans are being discussed of the possibility of another show in about a month’s time.

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