Poem: Sundown in a Little Town on The Prairies


Somewhere in the rolling plains
Across the great wide west
A little town greets the sundown
Where I had come to rest
Little streets made of stone
Dust has settled down
Full of nothing but insect chirps
That lays all around
Two little stores that once were
Sit empty with darkened eyes
Pinks and blue, magenta hue
Painted across the skies
Grain elevator stands up tall
And points to heaven now
As it always had, and always will
Strong in its lonely vow
The Maple Leaf blows in the wind
Above a flag of green and gold
Upon a pole on Main Street
In town a century old
On the tracks a train does fly
Blaring horn as it goes past
Into the distance does it go
But it won’t be the last
On edge of town is great green flat
It goes forever wide
Back to home and where I’m from
The stirring deep inside
Kitten cries in window upstairs
Makes me feel sad
Lonely as me on a prairie
Missing what I’ve had
Wander through dust and little streets
Back to where I stay
Sun is gone, but will return
In a prairie town at end of day

©2013 James Takeo

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