Poem: In the Middle of Nowhere


Out on the prairies
Grain elevator stands tall
I’ve come from everywhere
To go nowhere at all
Rails lead to the horizon
Flat on each side
Signals clang and deafen
But no train comes to ride
Streets of dusty gravel
Lonely dog-walker roams
Everything looks empty
In a land so far from home
Eleven men remembered
Gone away to fight
In this little park
Names I read in dim light
Five streets full of ghosts
Not a soul do I see
No longer am I who I was
Nobody here knows me
Return to where I’m staying
Watching the paint flow
I sit here and write these words
Of all these things I know
Everywhere I go
To Nowhere do I come
Remembering all I’ve been
Remembering all I’ve done
Crickets sound the same
As they do in my home
Always feel I’m a loner
Everywhere I roam
In the middle of nowhere
Did I find myself alone
Wishing that my heart
Were made of a cold stone

©2013   James Takeo
Aberdeen, Saskatchewan

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