Poem: I’m Haunted


Everywhere I go
And everything I see
Just another haunting
Ghosts of what we used to be
Each little scene
Always will remind
Of when you were beside me
Of what is left behind
Every car looks just like yours
I scan each for your face
Seeings it’s another
But you, I can’t erase
Hoping that I’ll hear from you
Just some little words
Clinging to some hope
Feeling so absurd
Even though you walk away
I hope you will look back
But knowing there is no return
Hope in this, I lack
I’m just another person
That you used to know
I was just distraction
And it was time for you to go
I never will regret
All the times we spent
Those times are now over
So much to me, they meant
Now you’re like a ghost
A memory that won’t go
A spirit that will linger
A feeling that I know
I’ll always be reminded
Of what was done and said
A ghost that’s here to haunt me
A spirit that’s never dead

©2013. James Takeo

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