Poem: The Darkness Soon This Way Comes

Here comes the dust
As there will be rust
The end and beginning once more
Bright is this tomb
Born of empty room
All of the fortunes in store
Build up these walls
Long echoing halls
Surrounded by brick and by glass
Times now have changed
What little remains
Memories and ghosts of the past
On beautiful day
My faith went away
In people I thought I could know
Back to begin
Where I might just win
Yet my darkness continues to grow
So far I’ve come
To right back where I’m from
Start of this thing, new and bright
Long day turns to eve
As everyone leaves
I go home alone in the night
Strong and so bold
I grow ever old
Yet my youthful ideals intact
Beauty and truth
Lost in my youth
And always I come running back
Here once again
Remembering when
The times and the places I’m from
Though I look ahead
There is the slight dread
As the darkness soon this way comes

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