End of the Line: Photograph by David FB, Poem by James Takeo

I was inspired to write a poem after seeing some of the latest photographs by David FB at Studio73.


Photograph by David FB
June, 2013

End of the Line


No longer does the factory roar


It utters nary a sound


The rust has come to strip away


What is little to be found


Weeds and trees and spots of green


Seep up through the cracks


Only stones and bones of buildings


And rusted railway tracks


There is big emptiness inside


Where once the machines beat


Now empty row of metal shell


Sits on quiet street


The gauges do not measure


The cranes will lift no more


All is gone and stripped away


Only leaving core


Pipes no longer rolling


Hammers do not fall


Forges no longer burning


Rust now consumes all


When they come to tear it


Strip it from its roots


Last time through these rusted gates


Will trample steel-toed boots


The punch-clock is now long-gone


This place, now out of time


The last shift had left long ago


Here at the end of the line



©2013 James Takeo


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