Poem: On the Edge of Spring


The birds still sing
While this day is gray
Sirens in distance
Slowly fade away
Green with some colour
While all the rest brown
Rusted and ruddy
In this slowing town
All that once was
All that could be
All that is now
Sits silent with me
On the edge of Spring
On the verge of what’s new
So much yet to be done
Yet now nothing to do
I look at old towers
Knife up in the sky
Reminder of what was
And will never die
I see the deep water
Run right through the middle
From old canal bank
I stop and feel little
Each place is a story
A secret untold
A tale yet heard
A puzzle to unfold
Church bells do ring
From far across town
And chime in the distance
And slowly wind down
Rose City whispers
Down shaded old street
My past behind me
My future, I meet

©2013 James Takeo

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