Poem: Run-down Town


I live in little run-down town

Among all that used to be

Everywhere I look is old

And full of history

Bricks are bare and ancient

Metal rusted, holding fast

Built back in the glory days

When all was hoped to last

Quiet in the alleys

Silent in the streets

No longer do the factories pound

Or this town dance to the beats

All will tell the stories

Of the things that they once knew

Left here to wait for something

When there’s nothing left to do

Yet still there is the beauty

Among all that fades away

The beauty still abounds here

Between the shades of gray

The world just keeps on turning

And all will turn to dust

There is poetry in the ruins

There is beauty in the rust

Of all the things that had not been

Or may as yet to be

The mystery shall be revealed

In time for us to see

So I wait in Run-down Town

For old times, I do not grieve

Though I may I wander often

It’s the memories I can’t leave



© 2013 James Takeo

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