Poem: What Would Peter Do?

(In memory of Peter Kormos)


Original painting by James Takeo, acrylic on canvas board.

Now sadly gone from this town
Thought of loss leave us frown
Now we’ve another good man down
Maverick, in cowboy boots
Never forgot his humble roots

Upon these empty streets

Remember that time in Market Square?
I seen him there
With honest ear, did he, for us care
Made sure the deal we got was square
And a tie he did not wear

Protest, did he, when he thought it wrong
Fight for right, no matter how long
Step up for the weak, for he was strong

Cabinet member, Sunshine Boy
Criminal lawyer was his employ
From these streets did once this boy
School strike three days, did Eastdale enjoy

Tributes pour in, from all around
Across Ontario, and in this town
Good man gone, the chips are down
In this town
Makes us frown

What do we do now?

Do we bitch and moan
And feel alone
Sink like a stone
No hope for our home

Or see what’s not right
And continue to fight
Each day and night
Bring back the light
In us, incite
And within, ignite
To fight for what’s right
For the ordinary, average guy
In this town

What would Peter do?

He’d put some faith
In me
And you
To not change values
the way some some people
change their socks.

©2013 James Takeo

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