Poem: The Coming of Spring


Sun on my face feels good and warm

Winter is melting, and leaves no harm

Birds are singing as white disappears

Departing now with the cold and fears

Days grow longer and sun more bright

Skies are clear with coming night

Coolness still lingers but shall soon depart

Warmth now enters into my weary heart

Gentle maiden of spring, with arms open wide

Brings me close to the warmth inside

Birth now comes after long winter’s sleep

No longer frozen, it makes me weep

To see the beauty before it arrives

The world awakens and is now alive

Flowers shall bloom and grass shall grow

Leaves will appear, as winter goes

Glorious joy will now descend

Upon this land that knows no end

Hope is here, and here to stay

Sending winter’s worries away

The world is new and clean and bright

Springs comes soon with each passing night

This time shall soon come to pass

Spring is coming and will be here at last!

©2013 James Takeo

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